FIFA World Cup Germany 2006...
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FIFA World Cup - Germany 2006

Interfunds World Cup Pool Rules

By popular demand, the World Cup Pool is back for 2006!!!  As many of you will recall, the 2002 Pool was a great success with over 30 entries.  This time around, we hope to do even better (as I'm looking to set up a college fund for the kids!). 

Here are the rules:

Cost per entry is $10.00, which must be paid in advance (by June 8th).  You may enter one time for each family member (this is kid friendly gambling here!).  Send cash or check to:

Cup Manager
1234 World Cup Street
Germany, CA  94111

There are 32 teams entered in the 2006 World Cup to be held in Germany, divided into 8 Groups of 4 (Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H).  All Pool Players (PPs) should pick the top two finishers in each group.  These 16 teams advance to the 2nd Round.  PPs then select the winners of the Round of 16 games, the Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final.  Make sure that you follow the attached chart as some teams can not play each other until the Finals.  Specifically, Groups A, B, C, and D are in one half of the draw, and Groups E, F, G, and H are in the other half. 

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Round 1 Winners.  16 points.  1 point for each correct selection.  (Please note that PPs do not have to get the order correct.  So if a PP picks England to finish first and the Owen-boys finish second, the PP will still get 1 point.)
  • Round of 16 Winners. 8 points.  1 point for each correct selection.
  • Quarterfinal Winners.  4 points.  1 point for each correct selection.
  • Semifinal Winners.  6 points.  3 points for each correct selection.
  • Champion.  6 points.
  • Tie-Breaker.  Total goals scored in the Final Game.

There are 40 total points possible Fill out the attached form (bottom-half) and mail it back or fax it back or send me your picks in an e-mail.  You do not have to predict game scores, all we want is the winners. 

We now believe that there will be roughly 100 entries in the pool. 

Prizes (mypool money):

  • $550 (and bragging rights!)       First Place
  • $200                                       Second Place
  • $100                                       Third Place
  • $75                                         Fourth Place
  • $75                                                       First Round Winner

Good luck!!!

P.S.  Feel free to forward this Pool to anybody who would like to play and is a GOOD SPORT!

FIFA World Cup - Germany 2006